The Evil Clown, Hawklord Incarnate

Greetings Mirthlings:
Welcome to the Eternal Internet Palace of the EVIL CLOWN!

The master plan to enslave the Universe is well under way.  Think only of yourself.  Do Not Panic.  Please use your cocoons.

Music is my hobby, and I have cataloged almost all of the recordings in my possession. Some people may find this useful as a reference of sorts...

Captain Cloud's MUSIC LISTS


Hawkwind - cover art, info, links
Porcupine Tree - oddities and other info
The Spacious Mind - a discography, by Captain Cloud
Grobschnitt - a discography, by Captain Cloud
Music - reviews, photos, lists, and discographies, mostly by Captain Cloud
More Bands - Links to Crazy Psychedelic Freakout Spacerock Droning Jam Music
Music Stores - where Captain Cloud makes his purchases (or where he might...)


I am Captain Cloud, the eternal servitor to that nasty old clownish character and chosen maintainer of these glorious web pages!  The insanity that infects you will be contagious and redeeming!

Here you may find some more information about all the various characters that haunt this particular web site. Here are some lists that I maintain.

Here is a collection of information about autos from the Evil Clown's past, including his Mustang.

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