Palm Bay Ford Car Show

6 November 2011

This page is a collection of the photographs that I took at the Space Coast Mustang & Ford car show at Palm Bay Ford on Sunday, 6 November 2011.

Click on each photo to view a larger copy.

The only BOSS on the lot:

Here is an LS1-powered Fox body:

Here are some of the new Mustangs for sale at Palm Bay Ford.
They had a couple of Roush stage 1 cars, plus a stage 2 and a stage 3.

And there were three Sherrod V-6 Mustangs too.

Here are some folks from who had cars in the show that day:

And here we are gathering before heading to the show, and then gathering again for dinner after the show ended:

Here is a collection of links to other cars and car shows that I have attended in this area of Florida.