My Unfortunate Mustang Incident

10 May 2012

Click on each photo to view a larger copy.

These are pics of my car, a 2004 Ford Mustang GT, shortly after it was hit by another vehicle. The accident occurred on Wickham Rd at the entrance to the plaza where Tony's HotRod Hoagies is located, on May 10, 2012 at 1:30pm.

The accident was a T-bone hit. My car was sitting completely still, and the other car hit me from my right side, driving into the passenger front fender immediately in front of the tire. This pushed the entire nose of the car to the left by almost a foot, destroying the front bumper and hood, and bending the upper side rails just in front of the strut towers.

However no fluids were leaking, all four wheels were intact and unharmed, and we were able to push the car to the side of the road. There is a good possibility that the engine is fine. My immediate concern is whether the frame has been bent, and bent badly. I won't know much more until I hear from the appraiser.

The other car was probably doing 20-30mph when it hit my car. Due to the extreme right angle and not contacting the axle, the air bag sensers were not tripped and the bag did not deploy. Nor was it needed, I was not harmed in any way (other than in my wallet and my piece of mind).

It is interesting that the drivers door would not open, and I had to climb out of the passenger side.

Here is a pic of me in all my unhappy glory.

Here are some more photos from the body shop, after removing the hood, bumper cover, and both fenders. The metal rails are bent just in front of the strut towers, on both sides. The air filter was crushed, the ABS stuff got moved around, the crank pulley has a gouge on its edge where the ABS stuff touched it. The computer seems intact and the car will crank (except for grinding the ABS stuff!). Even the little intercooler pump is still pumping water, and it was inside the fender that got hit.

Here are some photos of the car during the repair process. The new front metal has been attached, and the replacement fenders are being prepped. The engine parts have been put back on and fluids are being refilled.

It got a new radiator and a new fan, as both got dinged a bit when everything moved sideways. It's looking like maybe the ABS unit does not need replacing, we won't really know until the end. On the other hand, much of the A/C piping got bent and needed replacement, but we didn't see it until the old fender got cut away. Also, we later discovered that the alternator was shot, so it got replaced too.

Got the car back from the body shop, and it looks good! I am pleased!

I changed the front bumper from a Cobra to a Saleen. Also, I had Saleen side scoops put on. That gives me matching bumper, scoops, and spoiler now. But I kept with the 2000 Cobra R hood, cause I just likes that look. :-)

Here are some pics of the finished product.

Here is a pile of broken parts that were removed from the car. The turn signal bulbs and 40th fender badges were swapped to the new panels. Much of the rest here is scrap.

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