Melbourne High School Crew Regatta

3 December 2011

This is a collection of photographs that I took at the Regatta held at canal C-54 in south Brevard on December 3, 2011. Our favorite coxswain Tori Johnson participated in two events representing Melbourne High School Crew, once calling for the girls and then a second time for the boys.

Click on each photo to view a larger copy.

Here is the cold and windy battleground, at 8am on that Saturday morning.

Here they are putting one of the shells in the water.

Here are some shots of the first race with Tori as coxswain.

Here is the second race with Tori making the calls.

Here are some assorted family members who came to see the competition, plus some crowd shots.

And here is your humble host, Tori's uncle Chuck!

Here is a collection of links to other family pictures and assorted photos.